Stick Defenders

Stick Defenders
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Stick Defenders is a shooting game that combines the best of stickman and their weapons. The purpose of this combination is to destroy enemy attacks. At the beginning of the game, there will be basic instructions on how to combine the stickman in the most reasonable way. Once combined your next task is to put the stickman on the platform and start fighting. During the attack, you also need to have clear battle strategies. Because the number of enemy troops is gradually increasing and they have a faster speed. So please open the chest and use the accumulated money to load more stickmen. The higher the level of the combination, the more optimal the stickman's strength. In addition, you also have great support cards such as bombs, and missiles to destroy opponents quickly, and more. But the support cards cannot be used continuously, and it takes time to recharge. Therefore, use them appropriately to get the best results. With great combinations, Stick Defenders will bring you extremely interesting experiences..

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